Beyond a Business School

Beyond a Business School

GLOBIS is more than a Business School. GLOBIS supports the development of human, capital and knowledge resources through its venture capital arm, corporate training programs, and publications.

Venture Capital

GLOBIS Capital Partners is a Japanese venture capital firm established as a joint venture between GLOBIS and Apax Partners, actively developing companies that reside in the technology, retail and healthcare sectors. Since the launch of its first fund in 1996, GLOBIS Capital Partners has grown to become one of Japan's leading venture capital firms, investing in over 100 companies and overseeing several IPOs. Many of GLOBIS’ faculty actively participate in the management of the venture companies we have invested in and add their experiences and findings to our curriculum. Being at the forefront of these start-up companies gives us unique know-how that we share with students eager to learn about the exciting world of ventures.

Corporate Training

We entered the corporate training sector after some of our students who were highly impressed by our courses recommended GLOBIS to the human resources departments of their companies. GLOBIS Corporate Education aims to deliver customized programs to each client with tailor-made curricula and case studies that we closely relate to the clients’ interests and needs. This approach was radically different from programs offered by conventional training companies, most of which sold standard off-the-shelf training packages. Such innovative methods helped attract a stream of clients, allowing GLOBIS’ corporate training to become a new standalone business unit.

In 2009, GLOBIS provided training programs to more than 250 companies, with about 20,000 corporate managers and employees attending our sessions each year. This success led to expansion abroad in 2012, with the launch corporate training offices in Shanghai and Singapore.

Through customized corporate programs, we learn about the actual challenges companies are dealing with and we actively participate in formulating viable solutions to their problems. The knowledge acquired through this process is then converted back into teaching materials—thus creating a virtuous circle between corporate training and our school.


To disseminate our management wisdom, GLOBIS decided to publish a 13-volume “GLOBIS MBA” series, drawing upon our accumulated business expertise. The books gained enormous popularity due to their practicality and unique MBA insights, with over 1.3 million copies sold in Japan. The GLOBIS brand is now recognized by millions of business people, and has been a synonym for practicality and quality for the last two decades.

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