Developing Your Personal Mission

The GLOBIS Challenge ‘Developing Your Personal Mission’

At GLOBIS, students are challenged to think deeply about their own personal mission in life and to apply their passion to create and innovate.

Aya Murota
Aya Murota
Japan, MBA of 2013
“GLOBIS is a place where you can expand your horizons and gain inspiration. Meeting so many amazing people from different backgrounds has really helped put my own goals into perspective and reflect on my personal mission in life. I’ve just started studying, but I can see a lot of GLOBIS graduates have gone on to start their own business, something which I never would have considered before.”

Leadership Development, Ethics and Values

GLOBIS students use the results of a 360-degree evaluation, the GLOBIS Leadership Skill Survey, filled in by ten evaluators from their own workplaces (including superiors, peers and subordinates), to diagnose their current strengths and weaknesses. Students are then given recommendations for their daily skill development by defining how their ideal leaders perform and considering how they can gain the skills to become such leaders.

Keiei Dojo

Unlike any course taught at conventional business schools, Keiei Dojo is a course where students are asked to study books and discuss their findings with classmates. The books that students are asked to read in Keiei Dojo are on topics that have had an impact on the lecturer teaching the course. Through lively discussion, students find out what the implications are for becoming leaders, what they may be missing, and where they may need to challenge themselves.

President’s Session

The President’s Session gives students the opportunity to reflect upon their personal mission and on how to contribute as ‘visionary leaders who create and innovate societies’ by having a direct Q&A session with President Hori. President Hori will discuss in detail the challenges he encountered as an entrepreneur, leader and venture capitalist, and how he was able to overcome them. Students are also able to ask questions about President Hori’s own vision and future plans for business development, and the GLOBIS organization.

Reflection Session

The purpose of the reflection session is to help students objectively look at their current weaknesses, their personal mission, and to construct a plan for their remaining studies at GLOBIS. The reflection session is unique to GLOBIS and is regarded as an essential tool to monitor the growth of our students and to help them revise and update their ultimate goal in life.

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