What We Offer

What We Offer

GLOBIS is more than a business school. The network of people you will meet here, the invaluable skills you will obtain and the personal mission you will be encouraged to shape will help you become a ‘visionary leader who creates and innovates societies.’

The Japanese term ‘Kokorozashi’ is interpreted by GLOBIS as having a personal mission, the very core of a leader’s strength.

Personal Mission

GLOBIS exists to educate people who are ambitious—not for self-aggrandizing purposes, but for creating positive changes in society. This is why GLOBIS puts particular emphasis on the development of its students’ Kokorozashi. During your studies at GLOBIS, you will be given ample opportunities to think deeply about your own personal mission and discover what you are truly passionate about. By developing this inner drive, you will be able to forge a personal network and utilize the many skills you will gain during your studies.

Personal Network

The contacts and friendships you make at GLOBIS may change your life. A diverse mix of students, a truly global faculty and associations with top business leaders will help start you on your path to success. GLOBIS peers, alumni and lecturers may become your future business partners, investors or mentors—it all comes down to how much effort you put into expanding your personal network. Try meeting as many people as possible during your studies at GLOBIS, as your network of contacts will be an essential tool in supporting your mission and success in life.

Business & Conceptual Skills

GLOBIS students do not just learn hard business skills such as accounting, finance and marketing—they also study the soft skills needed to innovate and create value in a globalized world. Communication, negotiation, critical thinking and management philosophy are just a few of the many topics you will cover during your studies at GLOBIS, all of which will help contribute to your personal growth.

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