Our Staff

Our Staff

The GLOBIS MBA staff is here to help maximize your MBA study and career

International Admissions Office

The International Admissions Office is responsible for supporting and guiding applicants for our MBA programs. It organizes admission procedures and advises prospective students.

International Admissions Office Contact
Tel: +81 (0)3 5275 3850
E-mail: imba-info@globis.ac.jp

Ryoko Takei, Leader
Welcome to GLOBIS! At the International Student Service Office we focus on providing excellent student-oriented services in a friendly manner, to help you lead an exciting and fulfilling life. I look forward to seeing you soon, and I hope you have a wonderful time as an MBA student at GLOBIS. The floor is yours!
Sven Van Stichel
Upon entering GLOBIS, I was immediately impressed by the school’s swift and friendly service, international atmosphere, professionalism of both staff and lecturers, and of course its practical and varied curriculum. So if you’re looking for a life-changing MBA program, then you’ve come to the right place. Students from all over the world have already taken up the challenge of becoming visionary leaders who will change Japan, Asia and eventually the world. I look forward to meeting and welcoming you at GLOBIS!
Jake Pratley
To join GLOBIS is to open the door to a world of personal and professional possibilities. You will find out about yourself, your world and how you can have a positive impact on both through our hands-on courses, experienced and knowledgeable faculty and friendly support staff. We look forward to hearing from you!
Noriyuki Ito
Hi everyone! From my own experience as a GLOBIS Pre-MBA student I really believe we can offer a life-changing experience for you here. It will be challenging but exciting, as you will move out of your comfort zone into a world of new opportunities. If not now, when? We all are waiting to support you in your challenge! See you in class!
Ayako Oba
GLOBIS is not only a place to get an MBA but an opportunity to meet so many people from all over the world. Through passionate classmates, experienced faculty and a practical curriculum, you will find your personal mission here. Our friendly staff are looking forward to welcoming you and supporting you all throughout your studies. See you at GLOBIS!
Cristiana Celli
Here at GLOBIS you will learn about not only business, but about yourself. Our MBA curriculum places special emphasis on self-development, offering a variety of practical courses that will help you create your personal mission in life and discover your authentic leadership capabilities. With more than 30 countries represented at our campus, we offer a very international environment where you can challenge yourself to become a global leader.

International Student Services Office

The International Student Services Office assists students during/after their entire study period including campus events, career opportunities to achieve your goal.

International Student Services Office Contact
Tel: +81 (0)3 5275 3850
E-mail: imba-ss@globis.ac.jp

Kenya Yoshino, Leader
Our mission is to provide support to make your life at GLOBIS a precious and a fulfilling experience. Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments, requests, and/or questions about class, seminars or your school life at GLOBIS. We will do our best to respond to your requests swiftly and with courtesy.
Yoshihiko Tsujihata, Leader
At GLOBIS we take pride in offering management and leadership education full of entrepreneurial spirit, of knowledge that can actually be applied to business practice, and of opportunities to contemplate and act on becoming a leader or an innovator. Quality of learning is built not just by excellent faculty, but also by responsive, informative and friendly staff, and that is what we aim to be.
Brian Cathcart
Hello! I am in charge of events and alumni activities. I am also a lecturer. If you become a GLOBIS MBA student, I will do my best to respond quickly to your needs. As a GLOBIS MBA graduate, I have also taken MBA classes and can offer advice about what our MBA can mean for your future. Looking forward to seeing you in class!
Sayaka Shimizu
We as individuals are currently facing a tough situation in the competitive world of business and are looking for what to do next. I believe that what we can do is to develop ourselves and find a personal mission to bring positive changes to not only ourselves but also our societies. At GLOBIS, you will have many opportunities to challenge yourself and eventually find your own adventure. We look forward to seeing you at GLOBIS!
Mutsumi Nishimura
Welcome to the GLOBIS MBA Program! It is my pleasure to assist you in realizing your dreams. Are you ready to achieve your goals with us? I am very looking forward to meeting you.
Aya Hiraoka
Here at GLOBIS, we do our best to make sure your student life is enjoyable and is filled with many learning opportunities. I will be around the classroom area before and after class, so please come and talk to me if you have any questions or requests. Looking forward to seeing you!
Maiko Shimizu
I believe GLOBIS is one of the best places to make your dreams come true. You can meet many students and lecturers of various backgrounds who will inspire you to achieve your personal mission. We welcome you to this wonderful environment and are looking forward to serving you anytime.
Moe Kataoka
"The only constant in life is change" said Heraclitus. In this rapidly changing world it is essential to have a leader's mindset and stay ahead of the curve. I'm thrilled to support aspiring students in becoming global leaders. I hope you will get everlasting values to make your dreams come true through GLOBIS university. I look forward to supporting you!
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