A Curriculum Tailor-made for Visionary Leaders

Courses which help you build business skills and explore your personal mission.

Cultivate Your Personal Mission and Philosophy in Your Career

GLOBIS helps students develop leadership abilities and personal philosophy through Management Philosophy courses. Courses such as Entrepreneurial Leadership assist students in discovering their own personal mission.

Acquire Entrepreneurial Skills and Perspectives

Courses in Creation and Innovation focus on developing the skills required to create new organizations and the ability to manage changes within existing organizations.

Develop Global Perspectives and Cross-Cultural Management Skills

As globalization accelerates in today’s world, business leaders must have global perspectives and cross-cultural management skills. GLOBIS courses such as Globalization of Japanese and Asian Companies, and Global Perspectives provide students with the skills and perspectives necessary to be successful in global business.

Enhance Critical Thinking, Analytical and Communication Skills

Business leaders must solve complex problems, make sound decisions, and communicate their vision simply and clearly. Courses in Critical and Analytical Skills train students with the skills to meet these challenges.

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Curriculum Map

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