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GLOBIS & Project KIBOW Donation Policy for North Japan Earthquake

On March 11, 2011, an earthquake of 9.0 magnitude struck eastern Japan, the strongest ever recorded in the country. Awful images of deadly tsunami and the fire after the earthquake were devastating. We would like to express our deepest sympathy to those who were affected by the disaster and would like to pray for the souls of the departed.

On March 14, in order to support the rescue and relief in the devastated areas, GLOBIS University has decided to call for donations from concerned people, including faculty, alumni, students and others.

On March 16, GLOBIS University began collaborating with Project KIBOW to appeal for donations from all over the world. (The charter of Project KIBOW is at the bottom of this page.)

GLOBIS & KIBOW Project would like to distribute the donations based on the following policy;

Since the recovery efforts is expected to cost over $200 billion by recent World Bank estimates, we have been skeptical about whether splitting the donations between Tohoku and Kanto area will be effective. As a venture capitalist, we know that the most effective approach may be to focus our resources into a very passionate and capable team who “shows their face.”

In principal, we would like “to see the faces.” We would like to distribute 25% of the donation to NPOs with low overhead, nimble, passionate and people on-site helping the efforts. In our minds, we would like to select groups who lack funds. We plan to hold an external hearing to see which NPOs cannot accept tax deductible donations.

We would like to use another 25% to support local teams who is leading the recovery.

We would like to use 25% to support education because it is Globis’ domain. In the long run, we want to support education. For example, we want to support the most passionate students and give them scholarship money.

We plan to donate the remaining 25% to Civic Force.

As of May 17, the total sum of donations we have received exceeds JPY 60 million* and continue donating until September 11.

The funds collected at this time are regarded as charitable contribution deductions. However, in order to obtain charitable contribution deductions, the graduate school of management, GLOBIS University must donate to national and local public entities and Public Interest Incorporated Associations.

*It does not include the limit of total donations GLOBIS matches (20 million). GLOBIS releases the 20 million as a reconstruction fund.

Donation details are as follows.

【How to donate】
①Donation box placed at GLOBIS campuses
(1st and 4th floor of GLOBIS Tokyo campus,
Osaka campus, and Nagoya Campus)
②Bank transfer
Bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Branch: Kojimachi branch (Branch No.: 218)
Account: Savings Account, No. 9018817

③Pay by PayPal ※Click here to find out more about PayPal.
Click below to donate by PayPal.

We really appreciate your cooperation.

Message from Dean Yoshito Hori

KIBOW - Japan’s Earthquake Relief Project

In light of the disastrous earthquake in Northern Japan, we, a group of entrepreneurs and leaders in Japan, have started the "KIBOW project" to support the recovery and relief efforts related to this crisis. Our message is We will never be defeated. We will rebuild the town, rebuild Japan. Japan currently faces fear and tremendous uncertainty, in addition to a long way to recovery. However, we are most certain that the country will not give up under any circumstance and we want to let people know that everyone throughout the world is watching and supporting the efforts of the people in Japan.

KIBOW stands for a Japanese word “kibou” which means “hope” in Japanese. The spelling has been changed to incorporate the word "Rainbow", in the spirit of the project which is to a bridge of hope between the people around the world and Japan.

KIBOW is lead by:
Yoshito Hori (Dean & President, Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University)
Kiyoshi Nishizawa (CEO of Netage, Inc.)
Takao Ozawa (Director, Civic Force-NPO)
Hiroshi Mikitani (CEO of Rakuten, Inc.)
Hideaki Inoue (President, Park corporation)
Takaaki Umezawa (President, A.T.Kearney)
Daigo Sato (President, Charity Platform)

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