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Announcing English Management Training (EMT), a new course offering for non-native English speakers

English Management Training is a new course designed for non-native English speakers who have TOEIC of about 700 - people who have business experience and understand English reasonably well, but are challenged to participant in meetings, present persuasively, and are unfamiliar with the debate-oriented and logic-focused practices of international organizations.

EMT focuses on ramping up a non-native speaker’s ability to communicate confidently and with persuasive force in a business setting. Upon completion of the course, participants should have a stronger understanding the skills they possess, how to alleviate their weaknesses and how to further build upon their strengths. Participants will also have an understanding of the basics of problem solving and communication methods that will they will be able to apply in their daily work immediately.

Full press release (Japanese): http://www.globis.co.jp/news/release/20161111_mba.html.

Course details: http://www.globis.ac.jp/curriculum/emt.html.

EMT Trial Classes are held frequently. See the Open Campus events page to sign-up for a free chance to experience EMT.

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