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“We support the development of global leaders who can be active on the world stage in these turbulent times.”

The world’s economy is rapidly shifting from a unipolar to a multipolar structure, as the economies of emerging powers such as China and India continue to grow.

Given these changes, corporate globalization will be even more essential in the future. Currently, domestic markets have been saturated and growth models have been more diversified and complicated. To survive these difficult changes, companies must turn them into business opportunities, and bring their people and their strategies up to a global level.
Especially given such turbulent times, we believe that our mission is to offer opportunities for future global leaders.
GLOBIS pledges to offer corporate training programs that are customized to meet the management needs of globalizing companies, not only in Japan but also around the world.

GLOBIS Corporate Management Programs (Japanese)
GLOBIS Asia Pacific (English)
GLOBIS China(Chinese)

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