MBA/Pre-MBA Sponsorships

Corporate Sponsorship

Strengthen your employees’ skills and mindset and let them grow into visionary leaders!

By letting your employees take MBA courses at GLOBIS, your employees will have the opportunity to become leaders who can overcome cross-cultural barriers, turn change into opportunity, which will ultimately lead to the growth and expansion of your company in an ever-changing and globalized business environment.
GLOBIS MBA courses also help bring positive change to the world and will fit those who are dedicated to creation and innovation around the world.

At GLOBIS, your employees will have access to the following:
  1. A professional and practical curriculum tailor-made for visionary leaders
  2. An international faculty, experienced in the opportunities and challenges of global business in the 21st century
  3. A diverse and passionate group of future business leaders as their classmates
  4. Student events and activities, connecting your employees to top visionary leaders and enhancing their entrepreneurial skill-sets

We offer three types of MBA programs taught in English, available on-campus and online. The same high-quality curriculum, lecturers and learning style are provided for each program. Your employees are thus able to choose a program that fits their schedule and personal preference.

Pre- MBA

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The Pre-MBA Program allows your employees to take a limited number of MBA courses for up to one year, gaining fundamental business skills that they can immediately apply at work. All credits earned can be transferred into the MBA programs.

Part-time MBA (Online On-campus Hybrid)

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The Part-time MBA (Online On-campus Hybrid) is a two-year degree designed for maximum flexibility, allowing students to balance study with work and other commitments. Classes are conducted on weeknights and weekends, and can be taken on-campus, online, or a combination of both.

Full-time MBA

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The GLOBIS Full-time MBA is a one year program designed for those who would like to have an intensive, exciting MBA experience allowing them to become the business leaders of tomorrow in a short period of time. Your employees will be able to fully concentrate on their studies and obtain even more knowledge and skills by taking more courses than Part-time MBA (Online On-campus Hybrid) students. A life changing experience awaits your employees at our Full-time MBA program.

If you are interested in having your employees enroll in our programs, please contact us at or on 03-5275-3850.

We look forward to welcoming you and your employees to GLOBIS.

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