Education and Training Benefits System

Training and Education Benefits for the Full-time MBA

The information provided hereby only apply to the MBA entrants in 2017 and will be updated with new conditions for the MBA entrants in 2018 shortly.

The GLOBIS MBA Program has been designated as a Training and Education facility by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. If you meet certain conditions, you will be able to obtain the “Specialized Practice Training and Education Benefits” from the government and a possible “Basic Daily Allowance”.

Eligible Persons

To be eligible, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Payment of employment insurance in Japan for at least two years prior to the start of the program
  • Enrollment in the Full-time MBA at GLOBIS from September, 2016
  • Completion of a designated number of credits in certain designated periods
  • Completion of the program within a year
If you have previously received Training and Education Benefits before October 1, 2014:

You will need to pay employment insurance for at least two years from the start of the previous course to the start of the MBA program.

If you receive any Training and Education Benefits after October 1, 2014:

You will need to pay employment insurance for at least 10 years from the start of the program until you can receive any further benefits under this system.

Please note GLOBIS cannot determine eligibility for this program. You will need to visit HelloWork to confirm whether or not you are eligible.

Amount of Benefits to be Paid

From October 1, 2014, "Specialized Practice Training and Education Benefits" (up to 480,000 yen) system is available. The purpose of this benefits is to support the independent mid- and long-term career formation of workers and promotion of employment stability and reemployment.

Specialized Practice Training and Education Benefits
During Program After Completing Program
*When the student is an insured worker of employment insurance within a year of graduation
Amount of benefits
*Ratio to tuition paid by student
40% Additional benefits of 20%
Upper cap of benefits 320,000 yen/year 160,000 yen
Payment period 1 year
*2 When the student is an insured worker of employment insurance within a year of graduation

Example of tuition/benefits upon using this system in the GLOBIS Full-time MBA

(1) Excludes enrollment fee of 206,000 yen
(2) The scholarship also covers the enrollment fee
(3) When the student is paying employment insurance within a year of graduation


  • The amount of benefits may vary depending on the amount of tuition to be paid. Deductions due to scholarships or Pre-MBA tuition may reduce the amount of benefits available.
  • In addition to the initial application, the student will need to visit HelloWork every six months.
  • Applications for the benefits must be submitted to HelloWork at least one month before the start of the program. In case of the Full-time MBA, before the end of July.

Specialized Practice Training and Education Support
(Basic Daily Allowance)

If you are eligible to apply for the Specialized Practice Training and Education Benefits and meet some conditions (e.g., being unemployed and under the age of 45), you also may be able to apply for the Specialized Practice Training and Education Support. You will receive half of “the basic daily allowance*” every two months for the period of your study. Please contact the HelloWork for more details.

*The basic daily allowance is the allowance given by the Employment Insurance. It amounts to about 40% to 80% of “daily wages” during employment, the value of which is obtained by dividing the total wages of the past six months just before leaving work by 180. There is an upper limit for the basic daily allowance.

Procedure for application and receiving benefits

[Advance preparation] Obtain forms to be submitted as the pre-enrollment application at HelloWork

Since one of the following forms needs to be submitted in the pre-enrollment application procedures, please obtain one form of (i) or (ii) below by yourself before the application procedures.
*It may take some time to obtain the forms. We recommend that you at least confirm which form will be required.

  • "Certificate of employer on participation in professional practice educational training"
  • "Job Card"

<To acquire these forms>

  • Acquire the form of "Certificate of employer on participation in professional practice educational training" at HelloWork, fill out the required information, submit the completed form to your workplace, and have your workplace issue the form as a certificate.
  • Take the "pre-training career consulting," and receive a "Job Card."
    You need to make a reservation by phone in advance for taking the pre-training career consulting.
    Please call the HelloWork office that has jurisdiction over the location of your home address to confirm the reservation method, and arrange an appointment.

    It may take some time to arrange a consultation, so we recommend that you make your reservation early.
[Main application] Pre-enrollment application/submission of forms at HelloWork

Deadline for filing pre-enrollment application with HelloWork: July 29, 2016 (Fri)
*For students who are scheduled to enroll from September 2016

  • *The support desk for educational training support benefits is open only on weekdays (Monday through Friday). For details on office hours and the like, please directly contact the HelloWork that has jurisdiction over your home address.
  • Please prepare the foregoing forms and directly file them with the HelloWork office that has jurisdiction over your home address.
(1) Confirmation slip on eligibility to receive education training benefits and educational training support benefits

The form is available at HelloWork. In sections "6" and "7" of the form, please enter the following.
(Please fill exactly as below in Japanese.)
6. Designated number (指定番号): 48018-142002-7
Name of educational training facility (教育訓練施設の名称): グロービス経営大学院大学
Name of educational training course (教育訓練講座名): 経営研究科経営専攻(Full-time MBA)オンラインMBA履修可
7. Scheduled date of starting course (受講開始予定年月日): 平成28年9月1日
Scheduled date of completing course (受講修了予定年月日): 平成29年8月31日

(2) "Certificate of employer on participation in professional practice educational training" or "Job Card"
To be acquired in advance
This is a form that you need to submit to HelloWork by yourself before the application procedures. Please follow the above [Advance Preparation] procedures and prepare one of the two forms indicated on the left in advance. Please refer here for an example of description.
(3) Japanese driver’s license or resident identification card as a document for confirming your identity and home address
A Residence Card may be acceptable. Please confirm with your local HelloWork office.

If you do not have any of these items, please bring two different types of documents among following (i) to (iii) below (copies are not acceptable) (i) Passport (ii) Certificate of residence (or copy of resident register or certification of official registration of a seal) (iii) National health insurance card.
(4) Employment insurance certificate
If you don't have this at hand, please confirm with your workplace. Employment insurance qualification is acceptable. A copy is also acceptable.
(5) Two photos
Recent photo (front view, upper half of your body, 3.0 cm (vertical) × 2.5 cm (horizontal))
(6) Bank book or cash card of a financial institution to receive payment of benefits
This is the account to which the benefits will be remitted.
(7) Proof of unavailability
This is required when you file the application by mail (limited to cases that are acknowledged due to unavoidable circumstances). For details, please access the following web page of HelloWork.

For details regarding the Specialized Practice Training and Education Benefits System, please also make sure to access the following web pages of HelloWork and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

While you are taking the course (every six months)

Within one month of the start of each six-month period from the start date of the course (enrollment in MBA program), you need to file an application for the benefits with HelloWork. By filing this application, 40% of individual payments will be paid every half-year (up to 320,000 yen a year).

[Key documents to be submitted]

  • Certificate of eligibility to receive education training benefits: Issued by HelloWork during the foregoing procedures that are taken before you start the program.
  • Application for receiving education training benefits: Available at GLOBIS
  • Certificate of attendance or certificate of completion of specialized practice educational training: Issued by GLOBIS to persons who meet criteria
  • Receipt: Issued by GLOBIS

After you complete the course (within one month)

You may receive “additional benefits” when you complete the MBA program and are employed as an insured worker within one year from the day following the date of completion of the course. (If you are employed as an insured worker at the time of graduation, you need to file an application within one month of completing the program.)

Please file an application with HelloWork and submit the same documents as those described above for the procedures to be taken while you are enrolled in the program.


  • The documents to be submitted may differ depending on individual circumstances. If you wish to submit your documents through an agent, the agent will need your power of attorney. For details, please visit the website of the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry, Public Employment Security Office (HelloWork).
  • Please note that GLOBIS will not be responsible for the loss of your eligibility to receive benefits due to the omitted submission of application forms or insufficient paperwork.


Can anyone apply for this benefits?

Please refer to “Eligible Persons” on the front side. In order to confirm your eligibility, please contact the Public Employment Security Office (HelloWork) that has jurisdiction over the location of your home address (

Can I receive this benefits if I have taken Pre-MBA courses?

As a general rule, yes. Since the Pre-MBA Program period is not factored into your enrollment period as an MBA student, you can apply for the benefits irrespective of your Pre-MBA Program period.

Credits transferred from the Pre-MBA Program can be included in the credit quota which is necessary to receive the benefits.

Can I combine this system with a scholarship and education loans?

As a general rule, the benefits will be applied to the amount of tuition after your scholarship is taken into account. In total it can cover up to 40% of the payable tuition (up to a limit of 320,000 yen/year), plus an extra 20% after completion.

You can receive the benefits while using education loans from general financial institutions or the like.

Can I receive this benefits even when the company is paying a part of the tuition?

This benefits system is provided for individual payment of tuitions. Since the use of this system is limited to individual applications, this system is applied to individual payments that you personally made in cases where the company is paying part of the tuition.
Please note that these benefits are not available in cases when the company is paying the entire amount of the tuition or for applications that are made under a corporate name and corporate address.







「専門実践教育訓練給付金」は、グロービス経営大学院 経営研究科経営専攻(Full-time MBA)に2015年以降入学し、1年間で修了する本科生が対象です。
















受講中 修了後
40% 左記から20%追加支給
支給額の上限 32万円/年 16万円
支給期間 原則1年


※その他、受給にあたっての履修条件についてはグロービス経営大学院 事務局にご確認ください。











  • ① 「専門実践教育訓練の受講に関する事業主の証明書」
  • ② 「ジョブ・カード」



ハローワークへの受講前申請締切日: 平成28年7月29日(金) ※平成28年9月入学予定者



6. 指定番号:48018-142002-7
経営研究科経営専攻(Full-time MBA)オンラインMBA履修可
7. 受講開始予定年月日:平成28年9月1日





  • 教育訓練給付金の受給資格者証 ・・・受講前申請時にハローワークから交付
  • 教育訓練給付金支給申請書 ・・・グロービスから配布
  • 受講証明書又は専門実践教育訓練修了証明書 ・・・基準を満たした方にグロービスから発行
  • 領収書 ・・・グロービスから発行


「追加給付」を受けることができるのは、受講した講座が目標としている資格(本学の場合はMBA)を取得し、かつ修了した日の翌日から1年以内に一般被保険者として雇用されている場合です (一般被保険者として雇用されている方は、専門実践教育訓練を修了し、かつ、資格取得等した日の翌日から1ヶ月以内の申請が必要です) 。


  • 提出書類は、個別事情により異なることがあります。また、代理人による書類提出の際には委任状が必要になります。厚生労働省、ハローワークのHPで詳細をご確認ください。
  • 受給申請の提出漏れや書類不備による受給資格の失効に関しては本学での責任は負いかねますのでご了承ください。





また、学費から単科生受講料の相殺があり支払い学費に変動があった場合でも、給付金の受給金額は基本的には変わりません(奨学金が適用されている方などはその限りではありません。詳細はグロービス経営大学院 事務局までお問合わせください)。





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