Earn an MBA while you work

The GLOBIS Part-time MBA is a two-year management degree designed for maximum flexibility, allowing students to balance study with work and other commitments. Classes can be taken on-campus, online, or a combination of both.

Classes are held on weeknights and weekends, with the schedule for each three-month term decided by the student. The recommended course flow is to start with fundamental courses, which provide the basis of business knowledge. Following these, students move onto applied and specialized courses, where they can explore fields which specifically align with their interests and needs.

At the end of their studies, students have the opportunity to participate in a Research Project, in which they can build on their acquired knowledge to design their own venture or work directly with one of GLOBIS’ corporate partners.

In order to graduate, students will need to earn 36 credits (approximately 25 courses). This requires an average of three courses per term (each course consists of six bi-weekly classes) if the student is to graduate in two years. However, by starting with the Pre-MBA Program and/or extending the program, students can spread their workload for even more flexibility.

The chart below shows different ways students can complete the program.

YearTermNumber of Courses
2 years with Pre-MBA 2 years 3 years
Pre-MBA period (1 year)4--
1October (Enrollment)332
3October(Graduation in November)(Graduation in November)2
October--(Graduation in November)
Total Number of Courses24 (36 credits*)

*This calculation assumes that all the courses are 1.5 credits.

Japanese MBA courses also available

You may also take up to 12 credits of courses in the Japanese MBA program. Any credits acquired through the Japanese MBA program are counted toward the Part-time MBA completion.

Optimal flexibility

This program is designed to fit the busy schedules of working professionals. Beyond the flexible course schedule, students stay in touch with each other and the lecturer through class mailing lists, and regularly organize independent study sessions to optimize their learning in a limited time.

Online courses allow for even greater flexibility, and are recommended during periods when work is busy or requires travel.

Even in the case when students can’t make it to class, they can take a substitute class the same week (in the case there are two classes) or a following term.

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