Student Association Election


  • Voting Period: Sep 25 - Sep 30 until 23:59 JST
  • Election Results: Oct 1 (Elected candidates will be contacted)
  • Leaders Speech: Oct 3 
  • Elected Term: Oct - Dec 2020
  • Voting Form: Click Here

Introduction of the Candidates


  • Carla Grace Manantan

“I want to run as the Leader of the FT- MBA 2020 Batch. 

I aim to make a plan, along with the other student association representatives, for a healthy learning environment and promote lifelong friendships with the group, alumni, and future batches to come.”

Career Rep

  • Daniel Canales Llera

“I would like to apply for the Career Representative position.

My interest in this position comes from the desire of knowing much better my classmates and more importantly, their strongest points. As a social person, I like to know the people I'm studying with, their passions and interests so I would like to help them to reach their goals and find their most motivational and vocational paths. I consider myself capable for detecting the strong points of my colleagues and classmates.

 Also, I want to learn about the possibilities of the market and how to develop and improve my career. Being in touch with Human Resources specialists would establish solid bridges not only for me, but for my network.

Of course, my aim is to assure that everyone will find their own paths for having a fulfilling and better future. I believe that is the way to improve this society and to provide GLOBIS a step forward for becoming the number one professional MBA in Asia.”

  • Marjorie Gene Gadiano (Marj)

“I would like to run as a Career Representative. I would like to support our group by providing career guidance in coordination with the Career Office that would help us achieve our personal mission. I would like to share my HR knowledge (in resume building, interview process, career development, etc.) that could help jumpstart our careers – may it be in corporate or in our own businesses.

Social Rep

No Candidates

Marketing Rep

  • Ma. Cecille Lojo (Maecel)

 “I would like to run for Marketing Representative of the FT 2020 MBA Student Association. 

I want to help create content and plan activities that are most relevant to the students and help the Globis Marketing Team expand its reach in social media. I plan to work closely with the other student association representatives to build an environment that will allow for the best Globis experience for everyone.”

  • Willy Dawson Liusan

“ I want to be the Marketing Representative for FT-MBA in Oct 2020 - Dec 2020.

I have direct reason and indirect reason by running for this election. The direct reason is because marketing and selling are always fun to me. Developing new methods and different approaches to do it is where the challenging part laid off. And challenge equal satisfaction to me. The indirect reason is because I am a GLOBIS scholarship grantee. This could be one of my chances to thank GLOBIS.

I believe my classmates will be excited to collaborate with me and the GLOBIS Marketing team in order to expand GLOBIS publicity and brand awareness with measurable results.”