Full-time MBA Policies

Admission Policy

Our aim is to develop “Visionary leaders who create and innovate societies”. In order to carry out this mission, we feel it is necessary for our students to not only have a developed business skill set, but also a strong will - or what we call at GLOBIS, one’s Kokorozashi.

Secretary general at GLOBIS University, Graduate School of Management.

On top of your professional experience, business skills, and aptitude for leadership, our admissions team pays special attention to this Kokorozashi. What do you want to achieve in your life? What kind of innovation or change do you want to bring to society? Through questions like these, we can evaluate whether you have the potential to become one of tomorrow’s visionary leaders.

We also take pride in our diverse, global network. You can expect to join classmates from different industries, cultures, nationalities, and ages to learn together, and more importantly, from each other. Our students are open-minded and perhaps have lived abroad, studied foreign languages, or took part in international activities. Hence, students who have the mental fortitude and preparedness to thrive in major life changes are highly regarded in the admission process.

All aspects of our programs are for the purpose of developing tomorrow’s visionary leaders. From our industry expert lecturers, to discussion-based classes focusing on real-life case studies, GLOBIS will fast-track you to materializing your Kokorozashi and making an impact.

The core of GLOBIS University’s admission policy, therefore, is whether candidates have the potential to become "leaders who create and innovate societies" and can inspire each other to become the best versions of themselves.

Curriculum Policy

The mission of the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University is to develop visionary business leaders who create and innovate Japan and Asian societies. The curriculum is designed to train the skills required for business leaders who can deliver results in a modern age of great unpredictability and constant innovation.

The curriculum divides courses into three categories: fundamental, applied and specialized. After acquiring the basic knowledge from fundamental and applied courses, students utilize their learning to solve the management issues and the latest topics covered in the specialized courses.

Fundamental courses and applied courses are divided between five disciplines. Out of these five, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, Marketing and Strategy, and Accounting and Finance are common subjects featured in many global MBA programs.

These three disciplines cover all three elements of management; namely people, goods, and capital. GLOBIS also offers two other disciplines; the areas of Critical and Analytical Skills and Management Philosophy, as one’s own values and beliefs are necessary for leaders to make effective decisions in difficult situations.

Specialized courses focus on the processes of coming up with unique ideas from scratch and embodying these ideas in something original (creation) and the process of radically changing something that already exists (innovation). GLOBIS also offers specialised courses focusing on Japan and/or Asia to accelerate the development of global business leaders who are active in Japan and other Asian societies.

GLOBIS offers a unique capstone project, the Integrated Learning Program (ILP), where Full-time students utilize all that they have learned at a real-world international internship project. GLOBIS partners with corporate clients to offer this opportunity to our students.
For Full-time MBA Program, the curriculum duration is one year.

Diploma Policy

The mission of the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University is to develop visionary business leaders who create and innovate Japan and Asian societies.

GLOBIS has designed a curriculum to realize this mission, whereby students can reach a state where they can become business leaders who bring about creation and innovation to society after completing the required credits (Full-time MBA Program - 48 credits).

In the modern age of great unpredictability and constant innovation, GLOBIS aims to develop business leaders with a strong personal mission who can quickly identify and solve problems, offer solutions in an effective manner, and inspire others to take action. If these skills are acquired, the Master of Business Administration degree will be conferred.