Our Capabilities


We are a leading corporate training provider in the segment of “Leadership Development”.

High Track Record of In-House Training

GLOBIS provides corporate training programs to approximately 1,200 companies and 80,000 individuals every year.

GLOBIS has a presence in Japan, China (Shanghai)and Singapore and has training experience in over 15 countries. GLOBIS has extensive experience in online training and has developed global training programs for a diverse range of nationalities. By leveraging our global network, we have established partnerships with top-tier international business schools (ISB and CEIBS) and collaborated with local training partners to offer immersion programs.

Experience in a variety of industries

Through working with our customer base, we have acquired industry knowledge and a deep understanding of critical issues in human resource development.

Practical Knowledge developed by GLOBIS University

GLOBIS university, the largest business school in Japan, assures high quality learning and a great mix of academic and practical knowledge for business education.


At GLOBIS, our corporate training consultants work closely with clients in charge of training and development to support the design and operations of programs. Our training programs go beyond the simple provision of training. Our aim is to provide training that is unique to each client company and aligns with their corporate philosophy, vision and strategy.

Active involvement from program design stage

In this rapidly changing environment, we pursue the best solutions for our customers. GLOBIS consultants work with you to arrive at the best solutions for you through in-depth discussions and continuously refining the design of the program.

Maintaining the consistency of the program

Our consultants attend every session and make sure the program is on the right track. We manage the whole process as a coordinator among the client, faculty, and participants. 

Support for logistics

Consultants, together with the operations team, support our clients in coordinating the logistics. We use an online learning platform called the GLOBIS Learning Management System to distribute materials, make announcements, and check the progress of student’s learning.

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