Practical Application

A Practical Approach to Learning

GLOBIS courses cut to the heart of business issues, allowing you to immediately apply your new skills in real life. Our curriculum is highly practical and is taught by seasoned professionals.

Case Method

Case studies allow students to experience business situation by putting themselves in the shoes of management facing real business challenges. As well as using case studies from the world’s most prominent business schools, GLOBIS produces cases focusing on Japanese and Asian companies.

Faculty Sharing Industry Experiences

GLOBIS lecturers are chosen for their professional backgrounds and excellent facilitation skills. Our instructors share the challenges they have overcome in their professional lives, ensuring the GLOBIS curriculum is firmly grounded in the realities of contemporary business.

Gain Practical Knowledge from Corporate Training

GLOBIS curriculum is used by hundreds of Japan’s largest companies. These blue-chip firms truly appreciate the practicality of our courses and in turn share up-to-the-minute information regarding their respective industries and current challenges, which is incorporated back into our curriculum.

Yu Kan

Japan, Online MBA

"One of the good things about studying part-time is that the agility or the speed at which you can apply what you learn right away, so the moment you take a class, let's say on Saturday you learn something unique or something good, you apply that framework or you apply that topic to work the next Monday. I had a lot of good feedback from a lot of my teammates where I applied a lot of what I learned from my MBA, and that really drove a lot of discussions internally in the company which actually created a lot of good innovations."

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