Diverse Community

Join a community united in making a difference

We believe everyone has the potential for self-fulfillment and leadership. With this in mind, we value drive and vision above all else. This is how we have fostered a community of students with diverse professional and personal backgrounds. Everyone who studies at GLOBIS is motivated to hone their strengths and turn their passions into reality. 

One person cannot make a significant change on their own. Our students, faculty, and staff support each other and come together as one. This open, collaborative culture creates bonds that will help you pursue your personal mission for years to come.

Learn alongside 9,500 global professionals from 68 countries




Total of 2020 and 2021 Part-time, Online, and Full-time MBA Cohort

Yasuhiro Koide

Japan, Online MBA 

“The classroom was a more diverse environment than I expected, and everyone was very proactive about sharing their opinions. One interesting discussion I had was with students from Singapore and South Africa. We were discussing the case of a Japanese company with a long history of leadership ethics. Everyone had a different view on ethics depending on their culture, experiences, and background. These experiences made me broaden my mindset and think from various perspectives.”

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