Personal Mission

Discover Your Life's Goal

GLOBIS exists to educate ambitious leaders and create positive changes in society. This is why we emphasize developing Kokorozashi – a personal mission in life. GLOBIS students are given ample opportunities to think deeply about their mission and build on their passions with a range of specialized courses.

The Japanese term Kokorozashi is interpreted by GLOBIS as having a personal mission, the very core of a leader’s strength.



Related Courses

Leadership Development

Using GLOBIS’ 360-degree Leadership Skill Survey, students learn to pinpoint their current strengths and weaknesses. They then receive recommendations for daily development in order to move closer to their image of the “Ideal Leader.”

Keiei Dojo 

Unlike any course taught at a conventional business school, Keiei Dojo is a lively discussion-based class where students study inspiring texts and share their findings with classmates. The books and articles that students are asked to read are on topics that have impacted leaders and entrepreneurs. Through this, students discover what it takes to become a leader, what they may be missing, and where they need to push themselves. 

Entrepreneurial Leadership 

Using various case studies from different perspectives, this course aims to develop the way students think and feel as creators, innovators and ultimately business professionals. 

Leadership Development, Ethics and Values

This course is for anybody who wishes to become a true leader. Students are asked to approach this course with the attitude of actively developing their potential.

Jose Fernandez

Mexico, Part-time MBA

“The simple fact of having to make a reflection during different classes in the curricula, helps a lot to analyze and make sense of your own personal mission.

Reading about the journeys of people in Japan, Europe, Africa and with the collective wisdom of your classmates (from countries all around the globe) that share their own experiences and understanding of their personal journeys, helps to better understand yourself and refine your own mission." Learn more...

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