Personal Mission (kokorozashi)

Reconnect with yourself to find the leader within

To initiate change, you need conviction that comes from within. Our curriculum is centered around the Japanese concept of kokorozashi, which denotes that everyone has a unique personal mission in life. But your kokorozashi won’t just appear–you have to find and develop it.

kokorozashi character

GLOBIS courses, reflection sessions, and extracurricular activities allow you to explore your life story in search of your kokorozashi. All the while, you’ll be coached by faculty and encouraged by peers. Learn to reconnect with yourself and recognize how you can use your unique strengths and passions to make a meaningful impact on society. 

Your journey to your kokorozashi is lifelong. Well past graduation, your experience at GLOBIS will serve as a solid foundation for a clearer, purpose-driven path forward.

A unique journey to develop your kokorozashi

  1. Orientation: Meet your classmates, learn the definition of kokorozashi, and discuss how to develop your personal mission. 
  2. President’s Session: Join an interactive dialogue with president Hori. Hear directly from our founding entrepreneur about his professional journey.
  3. Reflection Session: Reflect on your development throughout the MBA program and refine your kokorozashi. Discuss the steps you’re taking toward your aspirations and share any roadblocks you may be facing.
  4. Personal Mission Presentation: Present the kokorozashi you’ve nurtured throughout the program, and receive feedback and advice from classmates and faculty members to help you on your journey.

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Keiei Dojo

Unlike conventional business courses, Keiei Dojo is a lively class of inspiring texts and group discussion. Every book and article in the syllabus is carefully selected based on topics that have impacted leaders and entrepreneurs. Discover what it takes to become a leader, what you might be missing, and where you need to push yourself.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

This course encourages you to think deeply about your personal qualities, ambitions, philosophy, vision, and mission as a businessperson. You’ll then apply that self-reflection to help identify your kokorozashi.

Leadership Development, Ethics, and Values

This course aims to help you define your ideal image of a leader. From there, you’ll examine your current situation and create a roadmap to develop the skills and mindset to become that leader.

Jose Fernandez

Mexico, Part-time MBA

During the kokorozashi-related courses, you read and reflect about global leaders and how they clarified their personal missions in life.

Reading about the journeys of people in Japan, Europe, and Africa, and hearing the collective wisdom of your classmates from countries all around the globe, helps you better understand yourself and refine your own mission." Learn more...

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