Entrepreneurial Spirit

An entrepreneurial spirit is in our DNA

GLOBIS believes that entrepreneurs are the force that drives new ideas and processes, take risks and create value. In an ever-changing world, people who take the initiative and innovate will be the best positioned to lead. As GLOBIS was founded as a start-up venture, an entrepreneurial spirit is in our DNA. Many of our lecturers are seasoned entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, having founded businesses in Japan and around the world.

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Venture Management

Entrepreneurial ventures need to overcome various challenges to startup and grow. This course is designed for students acquire the skills and mindsets to prepare them for them for these challenges.

Venture Strategy

Venture Strategy teaches students how to formulate plans specific to the establishments of start-ups, how to discover entrepreneurial opportunities and how to plot a growth strategy. Successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists also participate to share their methods and experiences with students.

Venture Capital and Finance

Venture Capital and Finance was created using the accumulated knowledge of GLOBIS Capital Partners. This course is designed for current entrepreneurs and those interested in extending their knowledge of finance to start-ups.

Jesús Rodríguez

Mexico, Part-time MBA 

GLOBIS taught me what I needed to do to set up my company. With that foundation, I was able to achieve all of our growth following a calculated projection—well, as much as possible, in the erratic and ever-changing entertainment market. I even conceived some of the initial ideas for my company during a project in our Venture Strategy class! Read more...

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