Technology Meets Innovation

GLOBIS' unique Technovate (Technology + Innovate) courses deliver cutting-edge content designed to overcome the digital challenges faced by today's leaders. Topics including Innovation through Virtual Teams, Entrepreneurship Without Borders, and Technovate for Future Enterprise, taught by industry insiders, arm students with the necessary knowledge to harness technology and drive business results. Curriculum and offerings for Technovate courses are constantly updated to keep pace in a constantly changing marketplace.

You will learn leading-edge methods and frameworks, but moreover you will become familiar with how top-class companies maximize competitive value by both traditional and digitalized business models.

Jorge Calvo, Deputy Dean

Related Courses

Technovate Thinking

Due to the rapid evolution of computers, we are living in an era when unimaginably large volumes of data are travelling through complex networks unbounded by geographical restrictions. The objective of this course is to learn the "Technovate era problem-solving" method through actual programming exercises. This method is based on the division of roles whereby the computer handles the repetitive processing of large volumes of data, while humans manage the logical design and resolution of business problems.

Technovate for Future Enterprise

Technovate for Future Enterprise approaches the main strategic elements and best practices to understand the paradigm shift driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the development of Industry 4.0 strategies. The course will guide the participants through the process of analysis, planning and implementation of innovative digital business and operation strategies from a practical business point of view.

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