Organization and Policies

Full-time MBA Policies

Admission Policy

Our aim is to develop “Visionary leaders who create and innovate societies”. In order to carry out this mission, we feel it is necessary for our students to not only have a developed business skill set, but also a strong will – or what we call at GLOBIS, one’s Kokorozashi.

On top of your professional experience, business skills, and aptitude for leadership, our admissions team pays special attention to this Kokorozashi. What do you want to achieve in your life? What kind of innovation or change do you want to bring to society? Through questions like these, we can evaluate whether you have the potential to become one of tomorrow’s visionary leaders.

We also take pride in our diverse, global network. You can expect to join classmates from different industries, cultures, nationalities, and ages to learn together, and more importantly, from each other. Our students are open-minded and perhaps have lived abroad, studied foreign languages, or took part in international activities. Hence, students who have the mental fortitude and preparedness to thrive in major life changes are highly regarded in the admission process.

All aspects of our programs are for the purpose of developing tomorrow’s visionary leaders. From our industry expert lecturers, to discussion-based classes focusing on real-life case studies, GLOBIS will fast-track you to materializing your Kokorozashi and making an impact.

The core of GLOBIS University’s admission policy, therefore, is whether candidates have the potential to become “leaders who create and innovate societies” and can inspire each other to become the best versions of themselves.

Curriculum Policy

Our mission is to develop visionary leaders who create and innovate societies. To this end, our curriculum is designed to establish leaders with the necessary skills to solve problems in a rapidly evolving business environment.

Furthermore, our Full-time MBA program accepts international students from around the world to study on a full-time basis. Within one year, students can intensively and comprehensively study a wide range of subjects to assist future career advancement or even fuel a new career change. No matter the goal, students will acquire the qualities of business leaders who thrive globally.

Structure How?

Each course falls into one of three categories: Fundamental, Applied, and Specialized. After acquiring basic knowledge with Fundamental courses and honing their skills with Applied courses, students can use these skills to tackle contemporary issues and problems in Specialized courses.

Fundamental and Applied courses are split into six disciplines. Three of these disciplines are common to any MBA program: Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management, Marketing & Strategy, and Accounting & Finance. They allow students to systematically acquire the skills that will allow them to understand people, capital, and money. In addition, GLOBIS focuses on three additional unique disciplines: Critical & Analytical Skills, Management Philosophy, and Technovate. During tough times, leaders must rely on their values and beliefs to guide them. Moreover, in today's rapidly changing environment, modern leaders need a deeper understanding of technology to thrive.

Our specialized courses are split into the following areas: Creation (focusing on creating something from scratch), Innovation (emphasizing the iteration and growth of existing things), and Japan/Asia/Global (highlighting the development of leaders who drive creation and innovation in an Asia-center global economy).

In addition to the above, our program requires students to take the subject "Critical Thinking (CRT)" to acquire essential thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills before undertaking other courses. We also offer the "Integrated Learning Program - Internship" course, where students can gain practical experience by interning at a company while learning practical business skills and knowledge from accompanying faculty members.

Classes at GLOBIS are discussion-based in order to help students put their acquired knowledge into practice and produce real results. GLOBIS uses the Case method of study, so students may think deeply about topics and develop their practical skills through repeated discussion.

As our Full-time MBA program is conducted on our Tokyo campus, students gain a rich understanding of Japanese business and culture during their studies and daily life.

Diploma Policy

The mission of the university is to develop highly motivated business leaders who will be a source of creation and innovation.

Students are expected to acquire the required credits in a curriculum designed to achieve this mission, and as a result, to reach a state where they can play an active role as business leaders who create and innovate societies.

In addition, we expect students to gain a deep understanding of Japan through a year of intensive study at the Tokyo campus in English, and to acquire the qualities of business leaders who can be active in Asia and around the world.

Specifically, students gain global perspectives and a sense of mission, as well as the ability to quickly perceive the true nature of a given issue, think by themselves about the direction of change required, and communicate this effectively to drive people into action, even in rapidly changing and unprecedented environments. These are broad business skills that enable students to envision dreams and take on challenges even in entirely new fields.

The degree of Master of Business Administration is conferred to students who have achieved these goals.