Congratulations to the GLOBIS Part-time & Online MBA Graduates!

GLOBIS University held its graduation ceremony for the 11th graduation class of the Part-time and Online English MBA Program on November 7, 2021. The event, held both online and in-person at the Tokyo campus, celebrated 63 graduates from 17 countries.

During the two-year MBA journey, students had to overcome numerous challenges under the global pandemic. With a sense of achievement, relief, and excitement for new challenges, students marked the end of their journey on this day.

President and Founder of GLOBIS University, Yoshito Hori, shared encouragement for students to find purpose in their life; “In class, you learned how to believe in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, who would trust you or believe in you? After all, it is your life. You must live with your own values, not with other persons’ values.”

Three graduates, Kengo Takeuchi, Alba Ameller, and Missael Lopez Ibarra delivered speeches on behalf of the cohort. In their speeches, they reflected on what they learned from the program, showed appreciation for those who supported them in good times and bad, and shared their aspirations for the future.

We hope all the graduates continue making choices that follow their values. We look forward to hearing everyone’s future success!

Further details of the graduation can be found on the official GLOBIS press release here.

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