First-ever GLOBIS English MBA reunion leaves an impact

On Sunday July 1st, 60 alumni gathered at our Tokyo campus for the first-ever GLOBIS English MBA reunion. Former classmates going back almost 10 years to the class of 2009, got to catch up. At the same time, many new connections were made between graduates from different classes.

The day kicked off with financial expert Jesper Koll giving his optimistic forecast for the future of Japan, which segued into GLOBIS Deputy Dean Jorge Calvo’s insights on the challenges and opportunities of the current fourth industrial revolution (AKA Industry 4.0).

It was exciting to see how many of our alumni have become successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. Two alumni shared their kokorozashi stories that began at GLOBIS, and have continued developing throughout their lives. Mihoko Suzuki (Part-time 2012) followed her Kokorozashi to employ and empower women (especially mothers) by growing Taskaji, a remarkably successful matching platform for housekeeping services. Jose Villasenor (Part-time 2015) spoke on how his kokorozashi of wanting to improve healthcare via technology that led him to pivot his company from gaming to medical.

Amongst more speeches and activities, drinking and eating, networking and mingling, GLOBIS alumni simply had the chance to reconnect and reminisce on the experience that changed so many of their lives. Our community of past and present students have always been one of our biggest strengths and will continue to be a driving force on our way to becoming Asia’s No. 1 MBA.

Let’s continue to keep in touch and meet up at the next reunion!

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