Admissions & Fees

nano-MBA Scholarships


We recognize the financial challenges that many business professionals face when considering enrollment in our nano-MBA program. For those in need of financial assistance, we offer a scholarship that covers up to 50% of the course tuition. Please review the eligibility criteria and application requirements provided below.


Qualified candidates will fulfill the following criteria:
  • You exhibit a strong potential to contribute positively to the GLOBIS community.
  • You prove that nano-MBA course(s) will be paid by the individual (not corporate-sponsored).

Note: If you are sponsored by your company or your tuition is partially or fully covered by your company, you are ineligible for this scholarship.


The scholarship covers up to 50% of the nano-MBA course fee.

Note: The scholarship is applicable to the first course only.

How to apply Apply through the Application Form for the nano-MBA program.