Admissions & Fees

Part-time & Online MBA Fees and Financing

Part-time & Online MBA Tuition

Enrollment fee Tuition Total Fees
80,000 JPY 2,998,000 JPY (2024)
3,250,000 JPY (2025)
3,078,000 JPY (2024)
3,330,000 JPY (2025)
  • Any tuition paid for credits earned in the Pre-MBA (individual MBA courses) will be deducted from the Part-time MBA program’s total.
  • In principle, tuition is paid in four installments, every six months. The first installment is due at the end of August 2024. You may pay in full upon request.
  • The tuition for credits earned prior to admission and recognized as credits earned at GLOBIS University (including credits earned as a Pre-MBA student) will be deducted equally from the second installment and fourth installment.
  • You can extend the program beyond 2 years by paying an extension fee of 267,000 JPY. This fee will increase to 289,000 JPY from 2025.