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Pre-MBA Scholarships


We recognize that many business professionals who aspire towards higher education may require financial aid. We offer two types of scholarships that exempt applicants from the Pre-MBA enrollment fee (23,000 JPY) until enrolling in the MBA program.

While we offer two separate scholarships, the benefits are the same for both. Please note, the “Pre-MBA Scholarship” will be discontinued upon conclusion of the  2025 January term.

Applicable Scholarships
  • Under 30 years of age: Young Leaders Scholarship
  • 30 years of age or older: Pre-MBA Scholarship


Qualified candidates will fulfill the following criteria:
  • You display a clear desire to enter a GLOBIS MBA program in the future, starting with Pre-MBA
  • You prove that Pre-MBA course(s) will be paid by the individual (not corporate-sponsored)

Note: If you are sponsored by your company or your tuition is partially or fully covered by your company, you are ineligible for this scholarship.


The Pre-MBA enrollment fee of 23,000 JPY will be waived temporarily.

Note: Scholarship recipients are not exempt from the enrollment fees for GLOBIS MBA programs (80,000 JPY for the Part-time & Online MBA, 225,000 JPY for the Full-time MBA).Note: Non-scholarship recipients will have the Pre-MBA enrollment fee deducted from their MBA enrollment fee (reduced fees: 57,000 JPY for the Part-time & Online MBA, 202,000 JPY for the Full-time MBA).

How to apply The scholarship is automatically applied if you are eligible to receive it. There is no separate application needed.

Please refer to the following enrollment fee examples: