Thailand’s Chulalongkorn Business School welcomes GLOBIS students

We recently announced that GLOBIS has partnered with Thailand’s top business institution, Chulalongkorn Business School (CBS)! Over Golden Week, CBS welcomed some excited GLOBIS students and alumni to Bangkok for our inaugural MBA exchange.

Like our other MBA exchanges, time was split between classroom learning from industry leading lecturers and visits to culturally significant sites and businesses. The overall theme for the visit was Social Innovation. Where most business schools would focus on technology just for business’s sake, CBS connects technology together with business and societal progression.  

Medical tourism was the first day’s theme. Thailand continues to be a leader in the industry, welcoming tens of thousands of foreign travelers into their medical facilities every year. GLOBIS students had the opportunity to visit a leading medical tourism hospital, which had an entire section dedicated to foreigners. This massive influx has forced the Thai medical facilities and staff to adapt and evolve.

The second day had a theme of LGBTIQ culture in the workplace. Thailand (Bangkok in particular) has a huge LGBTIQ community. GLOBIS students had an inspiring lecture on the past and current affairs of gender diversity in Thailand, then visited a prestigious insurance group who has a mission to change the public’s mindset on the LGBTIQ community. They were happy to display some of their top sales people were openly transgender. GLOBIS students agreed that this was the most impactful day of the trip.

Sustainable development was the focus on day number three. Students visited an eco-friendly produce start-up whose mission is to economically connect the poor farming villages with the cities. They then went to a farming village where the denizens all shared a single bank account. What a strong contrast to a capitalist mindset.

Of course, many delicious Thai dishes were eaten along the way. Matched with the beautiful scenery and welcoming Thai people, this was an experience that we won’t forget! Thank you Chulalongkorn Business School and Thailand!

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