CEIBS students experience Japanese business and culture for fifth consecutive year

It was an eventful week to say the least. For the fifth consecutive year, CEIBS students visited us in Japan to experience and learn about many different facets of Japanese culture, especially that of business.

Day one looked at the intricacies of Japanese management. Students had the opportunity to learn directly from an accomplished Japanese manager, our very own Dean Nakamura. Then it was off to one of Japan's most beloved confectionery companies for a behind-the-scenes tour from the Vice President.

Modern Japanese Culture was the topic for the second day. Students explored the famous Japanese idol group AKB48, and how they can take their business model global. The second half of the day consisted of a visit to Polygon Pictures, creators of some of the world's biggest animated movies and television series.

The first half of day three focused on the Japanese economy, asking participants if "Abenomics" can help restore the Japanese economy. In the afternoon, the CEIBS students visited the Sojiji Head Monastery. There, Buddhist monks lead the visiting bunch in a zen meditation session which made for a truly memorable experience for all.

Japanese Innovation was discussed the fourth day of the exchange program. This included a company visit to Japanese cosmetic company Albion, who have completely gone against their competitors' status quo to achieve massive success.

The final day was all about Technovate (Technology + innovation). Students analyzed a case based on the AI powerhouse Cogent Labs and finished the day with a visit from Cogent's AI Architect, David Malkin.

We had great time hosting CEIBS and are looking forward to sending our students to Shanghai next year!

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