GLOBIS to Adjust Enrollment and Tuition Fees from Oct. 2019

GLOBIS University will be adjusting its enrollment and tuition fees for its English programs in 2019 starting with the October term Pre-MBA fees. For the MBA programs, the adjustments will be applied toward the 2020 MBA intakes. For an overview of the expected changes please refer to the chart below.

Note that those entering our 2019 MBA intakes or those MBA students who need to pay enrollment extension fees for their current MBA programs will not be affected by these fee adjustments.

Fees subject to change:

Pre-MBA (From Oct. 2019)

Adjusted Fees

Pre-MBA Enrollment Fee

JPY 23,000

Pre-MBA Course Tuition Fee

JPY 128,000 (6-day courses (12 days online))

JPY 103,000 (4-day courses (8 days online))

JPY 86,000 (EMT course)

Pre-MBA Cancellation Fee*

※If cancelled within 13 days before the first day of the corresponding course

JPY 32,000

Reference for MBA Programs

(Starting from fall 2020 intakes)

Adjusted Fees

Application Fee

JPY 36,000 (Applicants in Japan)

JPY 15,000 (Applicants Overseas)

Enrollment Fee

JPY 80,000 (For Part-time/Online MBA)

JPY 225,000 (For Full-time MBA)

※In case the Pre-MBA Enrollment Fee was paid, it will be deducted at the time of entering the MBA

Tuition Fee

JPY 2,998,000 (For Part-time/Online MBA)

JPY3,845,000 (For Full-time MBA)

Enrollment Extension Fee

JPY 267,000

Re-Enrollment Fee

JPY 31,000

GLOBIS University remains committed to offering the highest quality education, student systems and services. We appreciate your continued support and understanding, and look forward to having many of you start or continue your learning journey with us.

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