GLOBIS students visit top Chinese business school for an MBA exchange

As part of our annual partnership with China-Europe International Business School (CEIBS), we sent a group of our students to Shanghai over Golden Week for an MBA exchange!

CEIBS was co-founded by the Chinese government and European Union in 1994, and has since went on to become one of the top business schools in all of Asia.

The three-day program’s themes consisted of “Competitive Dynamics of Start-ups in China”, “Digital Transformation in China”, and “Entrepreneurship/Innovation in China”. Visiting students spent half of the day in the classroom learning from CEIBS’s expert professors, while the latter halves of the day were spent visiting local emerging start-ups.

GLOBIS students were also excited to experience Chinese culture. From trying the local cuisine to venturing out on an excursion to Suzhou, there were many sights, sounds, and tastes to enjoy.

GLOBIS will welcome CEIBS exchange students to our Tokyo campus this upcoming December. We look forward to sharing our unique insights on Japanese business, visiting local companies, and experiencing Japanese culture!

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