Introducing our new faculty members

We are excited to introduce five new faculty members to the Graduate School of Management roster. As we continue to grow, especially in the Technovate curriculum, we are happy to welcome these highly skilled, experienced, and knowledgable lecturers:


Dr. Stefan Sacre, president and representative director of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, will be teaching strategy. View his profile here.



Arata Ikeda, former managing director of ASICS Oceania, will be teaching marketing, strategy, and globalizations of Japanese and Asian companies. View his profile here.



Dr. Alex Wang, managing partner of China Impact Ventures, will be teaching Entrepreneurship without Borders. View his profile here.



Dr. David Yeregui, vice-president of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan, will be teaching Digital Biotech Innovation. View his profile here



Michelle Lim, Creative Consultant with JCE Japan Creative Enterprise and GLOBIS alumnus, will be teaching Design Thinking and User Experience. View her profile here.



Axel Wellbrock, founder and president of Kay Group KK, will be teaching Organizational Behavior and leadership. View his profile here.


Our network of faculty and students are constantly growing and expanding around the world, towards our goal of becoming the No.1 business school in Asia.

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