Bhola Sapkota

Bhola Sapkota

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Why did you want to obtain an MBA?

As I realized that the only way to change the economic status of society is by doing business, I thought it was necessary to get MBA. I went through web sites to find an MBA program that would meet my personal mission and ultimately I found GLOBIS.

I completed my research about African society and its development. From my research I came to the conclusion that the development of society is only possible through business and not from monetary help, charity and donations. I became determined that I should start my journey from business using available resources and give the message that only business can help the development of society.

My previous academic background was literature, economics and social studies, but not business. As I decided to be a business leader in the future I did not have any choice but to take an MBA, a professional degree that gives proper guidelines for visionary leadership and innovating societies.

What attracted you to the GLOBIS?

There are four main reasons I decided to do an MBA at GLOBIS.

First, I found GLOBIS was a place for unity with diversity. As I went through the website I found many business professionals of different countries taking MBA courses at GLOBIS. It made me optimistic that I would also be a part of a diverse group to share my business experiences and challenges.

Second, I found its flexible MBA program and very practical courses. As I went to visit the Campus, I found many business professional taking courses according to their interests and needs.

Third, GLOBIS has a part-time and full-time program. This flexibility allowed me to continue my job and study simultaneously.

Fourth, the faculty at GLOBIS. As I went through the brochure, I found very professional experienced business leaders as faculty members. Because of this I felt I could get double benefits: knowledge and real experience of business and how to overcome challenges.

How have your experiences been so far?

After taking the classes, I found teaching methodologies very practical and student-oriented. Class discussion, group discussion and various case studies make the class really interesting, and the enthusiastic participation of students is really fruitful.

The classes don’t only provide core ideas of the topic but also the opportunity to realize real business strengths and visions. So far I have found study sessions, club activities and professional seminars are unique aspects of GLOBIS which encourage and inspire students.

And of course I can’t forget the relationships between teachers, students and staff. They all are free and frank with their expressions and opinions. In this regard, it would not be an exaggeration to say that GLOBIS is like big family under the same umbrella.

What is your favorite class so far and why?

My favorite classes are the "Leadership Development, Ethics and Values" course and "Critical thinking". LEV does not only give us the core ideas of what ideal leaders are, but also helps us to find the gap between an ideal leader and ourselves.

Case studies about successful and weak leaders help us realize what true leadership is and how to achieve it.

The Critical Thinking course helped me develop logical ways of thinking. It allowed me to convince others in a persuasive way, which is quite useful when making plans and coming to decisions.

What are GLOBIS lecturers like?

They are encouraging, inspiring and motivating. They always encourage us to achieve our personal mission and motivate us to be innovative.

What kind of classmates do you have?

They are very frank, friendly and cooperative. They always include everyone in the team and help solve problems through study sessions and club activities.

How are the student services at GLOBIS?

I am really indebted and would like to express my gratitude to the student services at GLOBIS. The cooperative manner of the staff and immediate response to student inquiries is really impressive. I wonder sometimes how they are able to respond to my inquiries even at 11pm! They are really helpful and always provide us with the right information.

Would you recommend GLOBIS?

Bhola standingOf course, I would recommend GLOBIS. We generally look at the program, courses, academic staff and tuition fees when choosing an MBA institution.

GLOBIS has practical courses that meet the spirit of the MBA. It has a bilingual program and professional, experienced business leaders as academic staff. The tuition fees were also very reasonable compared to other top business schools.

The professional seminars of the university not only help us to meet great personalities of society and share ideas and experiences, but also give inspiration for innovating societies. Many business leaders come to GLOBIS to learn and serve society. In this regard, I want to say "don’t miss the opportunity to join at GLOBIS!"