Christine Xuting Fan

Christine Xuting Fan

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Industry Background:
Food, Business Development

Tell us about your experience in GLOBIS's MBA program

I interacted with a variety of interesting people from different parts of the world. Through Japanese business cases, I learned about best practices in Japan. The 1-year program was an opportunity to give myself a break from work and to think about my life goals, allowing me to restart my journey again. Afterwards, I was able to start a career in Japan that is aligned with my personal aims.

How has the GLOBIS MBA helped you in your life and career?

Many of the processes used by my company work well in Japan, but are not always as effective in China. So, I often have to convince people of the need for change. GLOBIS taught me how to structure my proposals and ideas, and gave me a lot of practice in discussing business situations with people with very different perspectives. This has been invaluable in my work in a multicultural team.

The internship I did with Oisix was a great head start. They asked me to join a few months earlier than expected, and though it made my schedule incredibly busy, it was a great opportunity. I started when the China launch was just an idea, before there was any concrete plan or permanent team, which allowed me to influence the conception. As an intern, I had regular meetings and discussions with the head of the Overseas Department, who respected and valued my opinions and ideas. I think he spent so much time discussing the project with me because of what I learned from GLOBIS about communicating. The management skills that I gained through GLOBIS undoubtedly had a part in my promotion from an intern to a manager.

What would you like to tell those who are considering studying at GLOBIS?

If you want international experience and a career in Japan, then GLOBIS will help you to build the business tools you need and expand your business network, even if you are starting from zero.

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