Jesús Rodriguez

Jesús Rodriguez

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Tell us about your experiences in the GLOBIS' MBA program

It was simply an eye-opening experience. I entered the program really enthusiastically, focused on the idea of starting my own business. The GLOBIS MBA program showed me how difficult it was going to be to succeed. But, far from discouraging me, it motivated me to study all the valuable tools that the MBA has to offer, so that I could build a company that would really stand out from the rest. This was not an easy task. It was time-consuming and took all my mental effort. It took me the entire two years of the program, and even a little more, to finally create a viable business project that I really believed in. Now I’m running my own company and facing new challenges every day. I’m still motivated and much better prepared thanks to GLOBIS.

How has the GLOBIS MBA helped you in your life and career?

GLOBIS taught me what I needed to do to set up my company. With that foundation, I was able to achieve all of our growth following a calculated projection—well, as much as possible, in the erratic and ever-changing entertainment market. I even conceived some of the initial ideas for my company during a project in our Venture Strategy class!

What would you like to say to people who are considering studying at GLOBIS?

You must be highly motivated because you will be challenged in every possible way. You don’t need to have a killer business project to make it through the MBA, but you do need to make sure that you have an entrepreneurial mindset, either to grow within your company or to start your own. This is two years of commitment that will require all your attention. Most of your time will be spent in lectures, writing reports, working in a team, and attending networking events, which are a great aspect of the program. GLOBIS doesn’t use tests and exams. Instead, you are graded by the effort you put into your assigned work and your ability to translate what you have learned into real-world applications.

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