Integrated Learning Program: Hands-on work placements

The GLOBIS Integrated Learning Program (ILP) is designed to give you the opportunity to translate classroom knowledge into practical skills with internships at partner companies. You will utilize the skills and knowledge gained in the classroom to solve real business issues.

The ILP provides win-win benefits for both you and corporate partners. Sponsoring organizations determine the scope of the projects, and to achieve course objectives, you are expected to take the initiative in communicating with ILP hosts—to gain mutual understanding of expected outcomes.

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How will you benefit?

With over 100 hours of internship experience available in global companies, there are plenty of opportunities to apply MBA learning in real settings. Faculty will be assigned to mentor you in practices such as operations, market research, development of business plans, etc.

How do companies benefit?

Companies can gain market expansion plans based on your unique knowledge and skill-set. Companies also enjoy opportunities to enhance diversity and inclusion in the workplace and to incorporate professional experiences from a range of industries.

Timeline for the ILP





Contact companies for internship opportunities that you can start the following summer.  You can also find opportunities on your own and then inform the Career Office.


Can also find opportunities by themselves and then inform the Career Office.

Attend information sessions by host companies.


CV Consultation on one-to-one basis

Document screening; Interviews.

Internship takes place.

Internship Profile

I got my current role working for a Japanese fashion venture, through the ILP, after which I was offered a full-time role in the Marketing Department. My advice is to do some background research on the companies that offer internships under the ILP. The Career Team is kind and accommodating to students’ needs while understanding the talent needs of different partner companies.
Nica Magnaye 
The Philippines, Full-time MBA 2018
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