Part-time and Online MBA Career Outcomes

How the GLOBIS MBA Changes Lives

Result from 2021 Part-time & Online MBA Graduation Survey

Support for Part-time and Online Students

Special Career Service for Graduates

We provide career services for graduates in cooperation with Bizreach, Inc, a job search website. As a graduate, you’ll receive free access to the paid version of the site for 180 days. In addition, you’ll be invited to join regular seminars tailored to the career development of MBA graduates.

Job Search Support

You’ll have access to the GLOBIS job posting board, which lists job openings obtained through the GLOBIS network of graduates, corporate partners, and more. Search jobs by location, industry, function, and even Japanese/English language proficiency.

Career Seminars

GLOBIS seminars feature a wide range of guest speakers to inspire career development. These include C-suite executives and business professionals from a wide range of industries, as well as alumni who have made outstanding achievements. These talks provide insight on career obstacles, perspective, and making an impact.

What our graduates have to say

If I look back and "connect the dots," my GLOBIS MBA certainly has changed my life and career. After graduation, I went back to my former employer, which gave recognition to my degree. From then on, my career just took off as I got bigger responsibilities that came with a series of promotions.My career advancement has certainly made my life better. But more than this, my life has become more meaningful, anchored by my personal mission statement: to help fellow Filipinos improve their lives through financial literacy. My GLOBIS MBA has brought me to my current position, where I can fully live out my mission and live a fulfilled life.
Rod Enriquez
Philippines, Part-time MBA 2012
I have managed to apply the knowledge in my work, exercise more logical and critical thinking, and importantly, start to find my personal mission and purpose. I used my new knowledge and skills to leave my full-time job and concentrate on the family business.Now, that I am managing my family businesses, I have the opportunity to apply everything at work, from preparing business plans, and strategy to doing marketing and finance, as well as doing personal coaching and sharing for my business partners.
Faizal Muhammad
Singapore, Online MBA 2017
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