Part-time MBA Career Outcomes

A Career Upgrade after the MBA

The Part-time MBA gives students the flexibility to study according to their own schedule and with weeknight, weekend, online and on-campus courses.


Students to the Part-time program study online from different parts of the world, or on-campus in Tokyo (or a combination of both). The majority tend to be in their 30’s and 40’s and a bit more advanced in their careers. The charts below give a breakdown of our part-time students by age, nationality and gender.

Age of Part-time MBA students when entering the program

Gender distribution of students in the Part-time MBA

Nationalities of students in the Part-time MBA

Work Experience & Industry

The chart below represents the years of work experience students have before entering the MBA, and the industries that they come from.

After completing the MBA

After the MBA students tend to move into more senior management positions and see an increase in their salary.

Function in the company


Data taken from 2018 Part-time MBA Graduation &  2017-2018 Entrance Surveys

What our graduates have to say

If I look back and "connect the dots," my GLOBIS MBA certainly has changed my life and career. After graduation, I went back to my former employer, which gave recognition to my degree. From then on, my career just took off as I got bigger responsibilities that came with a series of promotions.My career advancement has certainly made my life better. But more than this, my life has become more meaningful, anchored by my personal mission statement: to help fellow Filipinos improve their lives through financial literacy. My GLOBIS MBA has brought me to my current position, where I can fully live out my mission and live a fulfilled life.
Rod Enriquez
Philippines, Part-time MBA 2012
I have managed to apply the knowledge in my work, exercise more logical and critical thinking, and importantly, start to find my personal mission and purpose. I used my new knowledge and skills to leave my full-time job and concentrate on the family business.Now, that I am managing my family businesses, I have the opportunity to apply everything at work, from preparing business plans, and strategy to doing marketing and finance, as well as doing personal coaching and sharing for my business partners.
Faizal Muhammad
Singapore, Part-time MBA 2017
In our company, we initially had a very analog or manual way of delivering presentations. One day, I was asked by our president to share with other school managers the learning gained from a successful promotional activity. As a fortunate coincidence, the presentation neatly coincided with the last few weeks of my presentation class. I set out on a mission to deliver this presentation with the knowledge I gained from class.My presentation was such a success that I received a promotion. But most of all, I gained the confidence and skills to deliver excellent presentations in any situation.
Norio Tashiro
Japan, Part-time MBA 2016
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