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Business Transformation through Innovation

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This course, “Business Transformation” studies, examines challenges in the transformation of business structures (portfolios) through innovation, while developing/creating a new business and confronting existing structures and inertia in the marketplace, and ways to overcome those challenges. The knowledge learned so far— mainly management strategies and marketing— will be applied to the development of a new “core” business within existing businesses and the accomplishment of innovation.

The course also cultivates a better understanding through new theories and practical case studies, including organizational development and its management methods, as well as requirements for intrapreneur in order to carry out innovations that are highly uncertain.

This course is designed for those who are interested in creating and practicing a new business within the enterprise or organization that they belong to, those who want to engage in a business that provides support to such efforts, and those who wish to carry out transformation (innovation) within their enterprise.

Course participants should have completed the acquisition of concepts related to basic management strategies and organizational management in order to maximize learning effectiveness of themselves and classmates.

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