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Creative Leadership

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In the Technovate era when jobs are taken over by AI and robots, creativity has become an ever-more- important skill for humans, especially business leaders. In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, creativity was named one of the “Top 10 Skills” needed in 2020.

In this course on Creative Leadership, students will understand that creative leadership is not a job nor a role, but rather it is a lifetime journey to become the creative leader with the highest potential; you start by building the creative competence, then creative collaborative skills, the creative culture, and finally your character as a creative leader. Students learn this step by step by the 4 concepts; Challenger, Champion, Conductor, and Composer.

The course prepares students to be future change-makers with a strong sense of “communing”, co-creation, coworking, and sensemaking together, with their clients, business partners, stakeholders and the society. The course provides a creative perspective on the necessity of personal growth and professional development in the fast-changing world. The course is also a starting point for nurturing a creative community among the students and developing a strong and sustainable creative collective globally.

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*Due to the characteristics of the course, application of the substitute class and leave of absence system is not available.

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