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Cross Cultural Management

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This course aims to help students develop cross-cultural intelligence, which is an essential quality of any global leader. The course provides cross-cultural settings and topics that are commonly observed in today’s global business environments, and helps students recognize layers of gaps that cause cultural conflicts, and learn to value deep understanding of cultural contexts surrounding individuals and organizations with which they interact. At the end of the course, students are expected to have built mind-sets and skill-sets of a competent leader who appreciates and leverages diversity in talents and organizations s/he works with.

Specifically, the coursework includes role-plays and self-evaluation as well as case studies. The objective is to foster the kind of leadership students will need to practice when faced with the following types of situations:

– Dealing with stereotypes arising from differences in gender, race, ethnicity (nationality) or other social attributes
– Conflicts between headquarters and subsidiaries, as well as among different divisions and functional organizations
– Conflicts between corporate cultures, work styles and national cultures
– Dilemmas in the practice of diversity and inclusion

This course is intended for students who wish to achieve their own goals in the context of global business (in a cross-cultural environment or with people from different cultural backgrounds), and for those who have a strong sense of purpose and keen awareness of the need to improve their cross-cultural intelligence.

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