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Essentials of Marketing and Strategy

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In this course students will develop an understanding of fundamental marketing and strategy frameworks and methodologies. Through short case studies covering a diverse range of businesses, students will enhance their ability to analyze, solve problems and make decisions about marketing and strategy from the perspective of top management.

In this interactive lecture students will learn:
– About the role of strategy and marketing in corporate management
– Processes for formulating a competitive business strategy from the perspective of top management
– Basic marketing concepts and how they can be applied to achieve strategic goals
– Frameworks and analytical methods through practical application to short cases
– How to think about theories and the qualitative aspects of corporate management

This course is intended for those who wish to expand their strategic view of management and understand business from the perspective of top management. It is designed for those with limited practical experience in marketing and strategy who want to become familiar with the frameworks and analytical methods used in this discipline. It is also recommended for those with experience who wish to identify and bridge the gap between their current status.

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Eligible for Pre-MBA, learn more.

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