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Global Perspectives

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“Global Perspectives” are becoming increasingly important for world-class leaders wishing to succeed during these times of accelerating cross-border activities. GLOBIS defines Global Perspectives as the ability to perceive events in terms of global dimensions and to do so with a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Global Perspectives involve three key components:
1. Perceiving the global situation accurately and based on a macro point of view
2. Recognizing your county, your company, and yourself objectively within this context
3. Envisioning the future based on past and present events

This course will cover macro environmental analysis, including dimensions of National and International Policy, Economics, and Society. Students will develop the “Global perspectives” necessary for businesses to create and execute corporate strategy.
The course includes a “lateral approach” for dealing with decision making and dilemmas facing leaders at the country, regional, and international level of organizations enabling participants to develop perspectives that are both varied as well as multidimensional.

This course targets students who wish to develop a global view essential for global leaders.

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