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Power and Influence

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Through this course, students will learn about the sources of power that influence people, along with specific processes and techniques for acquiring and using those sources. This course is based on a fundamental appreciation of the value of human coexistence and a profound understanding of human nature (psychology). In today`s world of increasing complexity (diversity and mutual interdependence) prompting people and organizations to act is becoming more challenging. Knowing what you want to achieve or change is just the first step. Effective measures that genuinely move people and organizations to take action must be understood and mastered if objectives and aims are to be realized. This is why a correct understanding of power and influence is invaluable.

In this course, students will be asked to prompt spontaneous action in others and to bring out their potential by exercising the appropriate use of influence and personal power. Different types of power and influence will be explored in the context of influencing or inspiring subordinates, supervisors, members of other departments, organizations with a different culture, and society at large, to take action. Through the various assignments, the course offers a supportive environment for personal growth and the chance for students to develop their individual capabilities to influence others in order to realize their goals, aims and objectives.

This course is designed for people with a specific goal or a personal mission they want to achieve, and who hope to work successfully at broader and higher levels. Students in the course are encouraged to put the techniques they have learned into practice to prompt creation and innovation in organizations and society.

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