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Social Venture Management

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Rapid changes of the social environment require creative and innovative solutions to address social issues. Meanwhile, changes in the concept of corporate activities have brought an increase in the number of start-ups whose primary objective is to solve social problems. At the global level, social ventures have already gained a certain degree of recognition. In Japan, they are anticipated to play an even more significant role in society going forward. This course aims to provide an understanding of particular methods of maximizing the social impacts of social enterprises while tackling issues that need to be addressed during their start-up and growth phases.
In this course, social venture is defined as “an organization that aims to maximize social impacts (favorable impacts brought to society through the resolution of material social challenges) while preserving financial sustainability.”

This course is intended for those who are considering starting a social venture, those who have an interest in participating in the management of a social venture, and those who are currently employed in a management position in a social venture.

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