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Strategic Reorganization

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In this course, students will learn points to examine, analyze, and assess to determine the direction of a corporate reorganization, create a plan, and execute it to turn around a company or a business whose survival is at risk in the short term, or at risk of becoming unprofitable in the medium to long term. This specialized course is in the “innovation” category, and does not focus on a specific field. Students must be able to draw on their previous studies.

The course is centered more around “practical management situations.” In the final class, students will create teams and draft reorganization strategies, developing a team proposal from the standpoint of the manager of an actual troubled company, using the same data as the person initiating reforms at the company. Through this process, students will get a feel for how to develop practical reorganization strategies.

This course is designed for students who: 1) want to innovate the strategies adopted by their companies or divisions and renew their company’s core competence and organizational culture; 2) are interested in reorganizing corporations from the outside through consulting and business restructuring services; or 3) plan to pursue a career path in corporate reorganization.

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