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Technovate Strategy

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Since the 1990s, the evolution of the Internet and Information & Communications Technology (ICT) have greatly impacted our everyday lives and revolutionized the way we do business. Technology has drastically reduced the cost of obtaining and distributing information, and has led to the creation of new economic and business values. Many new companies have been established; including some of today’s largest companies such as Google and Facebook, which did not even exist 20 years ago. In the Technovate era, companies are being forced to either undertake “digital transformations” and adapt their business strategies to the new economic principles brought along by ICT, or risk being left in the past and getting “disrupted”.

In this course, we will examine the economic principles that are arising from the dramatic progress of ICT and look at the role of Technovate era corporate strategy, which differs completely from traditional corporate strategy. As we are transitioning from a world of scarcity to a world of abundance, we need to rethink our business strategies. For example, platform strategy and the sharing economy are instances of how companies have tried to leverage the economics of abundance. It is also becoming more important to make use of the latest technologies and data in order to compete in a rapidly changing environment. In this course, we will explore how AI and IoT leverage data, and how to implement these strategies as business leaders. This course will equip students with skills and knowledge in formulating new business approaches fit for the ever-evolving business world.

This course is intended for students who plan to take on corporate management responsibilities as a business leader in the Technovate era.

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