Business Transformation through Innovation

Course Objectives

This course, “Business Transformation” studies, examines challenges in the transformation of business structures (portfolios) through innovation, while developing/creating a new business and confronting existing structures and inertia in the marketplace, and ways to overcome those challenges. The knowledge learned so far— mainly management strategies and marketing— will be applied to the development of a new “core” business within existing businesses and the accomplishment of innovation.

The course also cultivates a better understanding through new theories and practical case studies, including organizational development and its management methods, as well as requirements for intrapreneur in order to carry out innovations that are highly uncertain.

This course is designed for those who are interested in creating and practicing a new business within the enterprise or organization that they belong to, those who want to engage in a business that provides support to such efforts, and those who wish to carry out transformation (innovation) within their enterprise.

Course participants should have completed the acquisition of concepts related to basic management strategies and organizational management in order to maximize learning effectiveness of themselves and classmates.


Course Details

Programs: Full-time MBA, Part-time & Online MBA
Discipline: Innovation
Course Level: Specialized Course
Required/Elective Course: Elective Course
Number of Credits: 1.5
Report: Day 4
Hours Per Class: 3 hours
Class Capacity: 35


Preliminary Recommended Courses

- Critical Thinking
- Marketing
- Organizational Behavior and Leadership
- Strategy


Theme/Reading Materials

Day 1
Session A
THEME・Overview of Business Structure Transformation through Innovation
CASE・Emerging Business Opportunities at IBM (A)
Session B
THEME・Challenges in New Business Development and Ways to Overcome Those Challenges
CASE・ Emerging Business Opportunities at IBM (A)
・Emerging Business Opportunities at IBM (B) (to be distributed in class)
・Emerging Business Opportunities at IBM (C): Pervasive Computing
Day 2
Session A
THEME・Market Creation for Innovative Products
CASE・iRobot’s Roomba: Bringing Robots into Homes
Session B
THEME・Challenges to the Dilemmas of Innovation
CASE・Pitney Bowes Inc.
Day 3
Session A
THEME・Leadership in Business Transformation
CASE・The Weather Company
Session B
THEME・Portfolio Management for Innovation
CASE・ Organizing for Innovation at Glenmark (A)
Organizing for Innovation at Glenmark (B)  (to be distributed in class)
Day 4
Session A
THEME・Business Model Innovation
CASE・Innovation and Renovation: The Nespresso Story
Session B
THEME・Requirements for Intrapreneurs
CASE・Innovation and Renovation: The Nespresso Story
・Nespresso: Embracing Further Challenges (to be distributed in class)
Day 5
Session A
THEME・New Trends in Innovation: (1) Open Innovation
CASE・Webasto:Co-Creating Innovation with Lead Users
Session B
THEME・New Trends in Innovation―(2) Responding to Social Issues
CASE・Accenture Development Partnership (A)
・Accenture Development Partnership (B) (to be distributed in class)
Day 6
Session A
THEME・Implant Innovation DNA into an Existing Organization
CASE・Brother Industries (A)
・Brother Industries (B) (to be distributed in class)
Session B
THEME・Application to One’s Own Company /Oneself


For those who want to develop a deeper understanding, the reference listed below is recommended.

Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators: From Idea to Execution
Vijay Govindarajan, Chris Trimble, 2005 (Harvard Business School Pr.)

Serial Innovators: How Individuals Create and Deliver Breakthrough Innovations in Mature Firms
Abbie Griffin, Raymond L. Price, Bruce A. Vojak , 2012 (Stanford University Press)


Arata Ikeda
Arata Ikeda
Global/Asia/Japan, Innovation
Globalization of Asian and Japanese Companies
Business Transformation through Innovation
Philip Jones
Philip Jones
Global/Asia/Japan, Innovation
Business Transformation through Innovation
Globalization of Asian and Japanese Companies
Strategic Reorganization
Global Perspectives
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