Corporate Mentorship Program — Yamaha Corporation


New business development planning for the world's largest musical instrument manufacturing company, Yamaha Corporation.

Course Objectives

GLOBIS University is pleased to announce its new course offering of the Corporate Mentorship Program with Yamaha Corporation (, the world's largest musical instrument manufacturing company with over 135 years of history.

Digitalization and changing consumer values have drastically transformed the music industry. Yamaha aims to deliver lifelong values and enrich people's lives with music. In addition to its competitive hardware businesses, it envisions creating new businesses in the service domain by leveraging existing and new technologies.

Students will develop a new business strategy in the service domain to realize Yamaha’s corporate strategy. This program will be highly practical. It will give students a rare opportunity to tackle a real-world managerial issue by integrating and applying what they have learned throughout the MBA program.

This course welcomes students who are willing to help Yamaha Corporation’s management team from a long-term perspective. Students are expected to use the business frameworks learned in marketing, venture strategy, operations strategy, and financial accounting.
Yamaha Corporation seeks creative, viable business plans that can be implemented to guide the next 10 years for Yamaha Corporation.

Course Details

Programs: Full-time MBA, Part-time & Online MBA
Discipline: Special Course
Course Level: Specialized Course
Required/Elective Course: Elective Course
Number of Credits: 1.5
Report: Day 6
Hours Per Class: 3 hours
Class Capacity: 35 
Class Format: Online

*Due to the characteristics of the course, application of the substitute class and leave of absence system is not available.

Recommended Preliminary Courses

  • Critical Thinking
  • Marketing
  • Strategy

Class Structure

Day 1
THEMEUnderstanding Yamaha Corporation
Day 2
THEMEExplanation of new business creation method / New business proposal creation workshop
Day 3
THEMEIntroduction and refinement of the generated new business proposals
Day 4
THEMEExplanation of the outline of the new business proposal by each team and feedback
Day 5
THEMEExplanation of the Final Report proposal by each team and feedback
Day 6
THEMEFinal Report Presentation

* Reading materials to be announced.


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