Corporate Mentorship Program — IBM

Course Objectives

This CMP Special Course aims to offer students an opportunity to consider the transformation of global MNC (IBM) from the top management perspective, to understand a strategic "Technovate" change, and to develop a market expansion plan for IBM Watson in the Japan market. Creating a new market through innovation is required in any business in the VUCA era. Business leaders of IBM Japan, Ltd. will share with students on what actually happened and what is currently going on under the changes led by the two CEOs; Sam Palmisano and Ginni Rometty. Students will then develop a plan for market expansion of IBM Watson in the Japan market.


Course Details

Programs: Full-time MBA, Part-time MBA, Pre-MBA
Discipline: Special Courses
Course Level: Specialized Courses
Required/Elective Course: Elective Course
Number of Credits: 1.0
Report: Day 4
Hours Per Class: 3 hours
Class Capacity: 30 (Part-time MBA)

*Due to the characteristics of the course, application of the substitute class and leave of absence system is not available.


Recommended Preliminary Courses

- Strategy
- Organizational Behavior and Leadership


Theme/Reading Materials

Themes and reading materials to be determined.


Tadahiro Wakasugi
Tadahiro Wakasugi
Global/Asia/Japan, Marketing and Strategy, Organizational Behavior and HRM
Welcome to GLOBIS! In my class, we will tackle real challenges through cases and discuss the issues with your classmates. My hope is that you will not only be equipped with tools or techniques but also develop your own “wisdom” that helps you pursue your personal mission. I hope you’ll have a pleasurable and meaningful time with us!