Corporate Mentorship Program — Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Company

Workshop – How to Convince: Story-making with insights and vision

Every year GLOBIS selects a different company case study to showcase in the Corporate Mentorship Program.

This year we're partnering up with Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Company ("Asahi") to offer a workshop on "How to Convince: Story-making with insights and vision".

Course Objectives

GLOBIS University is pleased to announce its new course offering of the Corporate Mentorship Program with Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Company ("Asahi"), the second oldest life insurance company in Japan.

This course aims to offer students a chance to hone their storytelling skills and create an effective business plan for Asahi by applying design thinking approaches.

Asahi places strategic emphasis on its foot in the ASEAN markets that show high growth potential in insurance policy sales. Asahi has successfully developed a new market in Vietnam and sold over 12,000 policies since its inception in 2015. The company plans to expand into other growing markets at a faster pace. Yet, Asahi acknowledges that future success depends on its ability to innovate and create unique business models that respond to individuals` diverse needs in the given society. The company has concerns about a thin pipeline of business proposals that go beyond generic researches. Asahi’s management affirms that storytelling is an essential part of its business's innovation and sustainable future and seeks to cultivate the skillset and mindset of story-making with in-depth insights and vision among the responsible talents of its expansion strategy.

The course welcomes those willing to put themselves into Asahi’s global marketing team's shoes and practice the concepts and approaches of design thinking to upgrade a business idea in the pipeline into a new viable plan that convinces Asahi’s management. GLOBIS University trusts those participating students to make the best use of their global mindset and team approaches for making this project a success.

Course Details

Programs: Full-time MBA, Part-time & Online MBA
Discipline: Special Course
Course Level: Specialized Course
Required/Elective Course: Elective Course
Number of Credits: 1.0
Report: Day 4
Hours Per Class: 3 hours
Class Capacity: 35

*Due to the characteristics of the course, application of the substitute class and leave of absence system is not available.


Recommended Preliminary Courses

  • Critical Thinking
  • Marketing
  • Design Thinking and User Experience

Theme/Reading Materials

  • Tom Kelley, 2016. The Art of Innovation: Lessons in Creativity from IDEO, America's Leading Design Firm
    ISBN-10: 1781256144 / ISBN-13: 978-1781256145
    Kindle Edition ASIN: B01F5X7AFY

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