Entrepreneurial Spirit

Think like an entrepreneur, realize your passion

We believe that entrepreneurs are the force that drives new ideas and processes. In an ever-changing world, people who take risks and initiative to innovate today will be tomorrow’s leaders. GLOBIS was founded as a startup venture, meaning entrepreneurial spirit is in our DNA. Many of our lecturers are seasoned entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who founded businesses all around the world.

Whether you’re engaging in a new project or even a startup, we will equip you with the mindset to go the distance. We host startup competitions–with lucrative awards–for those interested in creating their own businesses.

Cutting-edge knowledge from our venture capital arm

GLOBIS Capital Partners was launched in 1996 as Japan’s first full-scale, hands-on venture capital firm. Over the years, 180 billion JPY (around 1.3 billion USD) in funds has been invested in more than 202 companies, including Mercari and UZABASE, two of Japan’s most innovative companies in the last few decades.

By supporting and working with these and other startups, we have discovered common challenges faced by entrepreneurs. That knowledge is incorporated into our venture-related courses. Several case studies covered in these courses are based on companies GLOBIS invested in.

Some companies GLOBIS Venture Capital invests in:

Entrepreneurial opportunities in the classroom

Your study at GLOBIS isn’t just about case studies. If your goal is to start a business of your own, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in a research project. For this, you’ll develop and pitch a business plan with hands-on mentoring from GLOBIS faculty. You’ll find out what it takes to launch a startup and gain knowledge and experience for the real world.

A foundation for future entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs are born from the GLOBIS community every year.

The three founders of CaSy, a company that connects clients with housekeeping professionals, met in the Venture Capital and Finance course at GLOBIS. During the course, they created the business plan which later served as a foundation for one of the most successful startups in Japan’s housekeeping industry today.

From the left: CaSy Co., Ltd. CFO Hiroki Ikeda, CEO Yuichi Kamo, CHRO Yuki Shirasaka

The founders of i-plug, a recruiting service that connects companies with new graduates, also met at GLOBIS University. The company received funding and entrepreneurial support backed by the university through two GLOBIS initiatives: the GLOBIS Venture Challenge and G-GROWTH.

Both CaSy and i-plug went public in an IPO and were listed on the Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The network, skills, and kokorozashi nurtured through GLOBIS MBA programs have allowed us to learn and grow, as well. We pay it forward by supporting future entrepreneurs on their journey.

Extracurricular Activities

GLOBIS Venture Challenge

This startup pitch competition offers the opportunity for MBA students and graduates to compete for startup capital and coaching. It also offers a grand prize of up to 10 million JPY in investment funds (as of 2023).

  • Micheal McKay

    “Taking the Venture Capital and Finance class fast-tracked my learning of the process, terminology, and expectations of raising capital for my own business. Now I know what to expect, what questions to ask, and how to evaluate whether an investor is a right fit for our vision.”